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Islamic Law and Jurisprudence: mecelle-Ottoman Civil

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The civil code of the last dynasty that ruled the Islamic community (umma), the Ottoman Sultanate, is a rich body of text for those interested in understanding the connection between legal principle and legal code. The document, formally known as the mecelle (majalla), is based on Hanafism that originated during the second Islamic century (8th century)-a school of jurisprudence that is rooted in reason (ra'y) as opposed to tradition (hadith), making it a remarkable source for learning about the origins and evolution of classical Islamic law from the formative period to the fall of the caliphate system (20th century).

Islamic Law and Jurisprudence
 is an updated translation of the Ottoman Civil Code. This body of law was applied in Muslim-majority countries in Southwest Asia, North Africa, and the Balkans before, during and immediately after the end of the British and French colonization of Muslim majority countries.


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